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3 Helpful Ways To Get Your Home Ready For Fall

Ready or not, fall is right around the corner! The crisp air, the pumpkin aromas and the falling leaves are everywhere. Fall is a beautiful time of year—and it’s also the perfect time to get your home ready for the cooler months ahead. It’s important to know the top 3 things you can do now to get your home ready for Fall—so you won’t find yourself unprepared.

  1. Make sure your pipes can handle whatever weather lies ahead.
    As the cooler weather approaches, your pipes can freeze and burst more easily. A burst pipe means a flood in your home—and no one wants that. To help ensure your pipes are prepared for Fall and Winter, it’s a good idea to call a professional who can make sure that your pipes are strong enough and well-prepared enough to take on any impending weather.
  2. Don’t forget to have your air ducts cleaned.
    Having clean air ducts isn’t just good for your home’s air quality—but dirty air ducts can also be a fire hazard. As the cooler months sneak up on us, it’s important to make sure your air ducts are as clean as they can be—for the sake of you and your entire family.
  3. Make a good impression at holiday parties with clean carpets.
    With lots of holiday parties coming up this Fall and Winter, it’s the perfect time to get your carpets cleaned. Clean carpets not only look and smell great—but they also set the tone for the rest of your house. Clean carpets in your house means happy guests in your house!

Ready to begin preparing your home for Fall? At Calloway Cleaning and Restoration, we specialize in pipe examination, air duct cleaning and carpet cleaning. We’re ready and waiting to help your home become the safest, cleanest home around—just in time for the cooler months.

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We get our carpets cleaned. We get our air ducts cleaned. And we try our best to keep the rest of our houses clean as well. But what about keeping our upholstery cleaned? Upholstery is defined as the material used to cushion and cover furniture. And sometimes, it’s easy to forget about! But it shouldn’t be neglected for long. Read on to learn the top three reasons that upholstery cleaning is an absolute must—and how Calloway can help.

Why is upholstery cleaning so important?

Just from daily life, our upholstery absorbs all kinds of debris—including dirt, dust, animal fur, food particles and more. Over time, this can take a toll on not only the furniture itself, but also the condition of a house, as well as the health of the people living there. Here are the top three benefits of upholstery cleaning.

  1. It promotes better health.
    As our upholstery collects dirt and debris, this can easily harm our health. Without proper cleaning, upholstery can create bacteria and fungus, which can lead to health problems and allergies for anyone living in—or visiting—the home. In addition, unclean upholstery can begin to produce a foul odor that can permeate throughout your home very easily.
  2. It increases a home’s air quality.
    Air quality in a home is very important. If the air quality is poor, that means mold, mildew and allergens can grow and spread. Getting your upholstery cleaned, however, helps strengthen the air quality in your home.
  3. It just looks better!
    When people walk into your home, they’ll notice so much about its appearance right away. One of the big things they’ll notice quickly is the look of your upholstery. By getting it professionally cleaned, it’ll look much nicer and more impressive to guests. Plus, getting upholstery professionally cleaned is proven to make your furniture last longer too. You can’t argue with that! Upholstery cleaning on your to-do list? Trust the professionals at Calloway

At Calloway Cleaning and Restoration, our team of professionals is detail-oriented, quality-driven and IICRC-certified upholstery cleaners.
We work with all types of upholstery material—microfiber, synthetic fiber, nylon fabrics, cotton, Hatian cotton, leather and many more. No matter what material, we promise to restore your furniture to like-new condition quickly and easily with our high-tech equipment.

Our steam cleaning process is simple but effective. First, we pre-treat the upholstery to loosen up soil. Then, if it’s necessary, a spot treatment is added. Finally, all upholstery is steam cleaned with vacuum extraction.

Plus, if fabrics are delicate, we use a specific cleaning method that uses a low-moisture application to prevent dye transfer, bleeding colors and shrinkage. A dry-cleaning solvent is then sprayed on and rubbed in with a horse-hair brush, and then it’s vacuum extracted.

When we’re finished, we’ll examine each piece of furniture with you to make sure it’s cleaned and cared for to your satisfaction.

Ready to get started with upholstery cleaning? Give us a call today at 513-505-4656!

Carpets are an important aspect of your home. Keeping it clean should be your priority as this allows you to have a carpet that lasts a long time and keeps that new feel. Let us now look at why your carpets get dirty in the first place.

Calm down and just think of the things that could stick to the fiber of your carpet. Many homes have carpets that run from wall to wall. People have the habit of walking right in with their shoes on. You might have exquisitely polished shoes but can you say the same about the bottom of your shoes?

Similarly, you have children in your home. You can teach them discipline by making them remove their shoes outside but they are children after all. There will be times when they just run in with their shoes on.

Your pets are as innocent as your children are. They do not know what is right and what is wrong. They might just walk into the room on a rainy day and make a mess of your carpet. These are things you might just be able to control. However, there are certain things that can be beyond your control.

You have dust, dirt, human and pet hair, and many other minute impurities like pollen that stick to the fiber of your carpet

Please see below the importance of keeping your carpets clean.

  • Save Money: Your carpets are not cheap, it is imperative that you take care of them so that they last long. Cleaning it regularly ensures that you safeguard your investment. Cleaning the carpet is way less expensive than replacing it with a new one.
  • Cleanliness is next to Godliness: This is a very old saying but it still holds good today. Imagine the impression you create on your business clients if you have dirty carpets in your office. The same applies to your home. The best way to maintain the looks of the carpet is to vacuum clean it every week. You can also get the help of professionals to do the job for you. Some stains can be stubborn but professionals have the requisite tools to handle them.
  • Have a carpet that smells nice: In spite of all the precaution, you might still spill some coffee or oil on the carpet unintentionally. Your little one might urinate or vomit on it. These things are things beyond your control. Steam cleaning the carpet is the right way to keep it smelling nice. It is undoubtedly a professional’s job.
  • Do not allow the allergens / bacteria to spread: No one cleans carpets on a daily basis. It is natural that allergens and bacteria can accumulate on the carpets over time. The warmth of the carpet provides the perfect breeding ground for bacteria. Regular cleaning can eliminate germs from the scene. The risk of spreading bacteria is multiplied especially when you have kids and pets in the house.

How do you keep the carpets clean?

The best way to do so is to contact a professional and entrust the job to them. They have the necessary tools and the expertise to handle the toughest of stains. As far as vacuuming is concerned, you can do that at home. It does not take much of an effort to get rid of surface dirt. The method of cleaning depends on the type of carpet you have in your home. You are able to vacuum all types of carpets. However, there can be touch stains and other issues with your carpet that might require extra attention and care, which you might not be incapable of providing without professional help. 

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