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Storm Damage to your Home? We’ve got you covered!

Storm Damage to your Home? We’ve got you covered!

With all of the rain and storms we’ve gotten lately, your house might be the unfortunate victim of storm damage. And sometimes, storm damage to the outside of your house can lead to damage on the inside of your house as well.

Read on to learn a few ways that storms can damage your home—and how the experts at Calloway can help.

How can storms damage your home?

When storms hit, they can affect houses in various ways. Here are just a few:

  • Roof damage: When storms hit hard, they can cause the shingles on your roof to break or fly away completely. This can lead to a leaky or inefficient roof very quickly.
  • Gutter damage: When storms affect your gutters, water can easily find its way into your home. This can lead to a whole host of other issues with water damage.
  • Siding damage: When Mother Nature really gets going, it can affect a home’s siding. Missing siding allows water to sneak into your home.
  • Fence damage: Big enough storms can easily take out a fence—either partially or the whole thing. Either way, a damaged fence can lead to unwanted animals coming into your yard, as well as your pets being able to get out of your yard.

Storm damage? Help is just a call-o-way!

There’s no denying it: Storms can happen anytime, anywhere—often without warning. And unfortunately, they can be brutal enough to cause severe damage to your house.

The next time that Mother Nature hits your house hard, don’t worry. Instead, call the experts at Calloway. Our reliable team of professionals is available any time—24 hours a day—to clean up any mess and help rebuild what was lost. We’ll mitigate any storm damage to your home quickly and easily—so you can get on with your day.

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