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Do you need your furniture and upholstery cleaned?

Do you need your furniture and upholstery cleaned?

Now that the holidays are over and 2020 is well underway, take a good look at your furniture and upholstery. Is it overdue for a good cleaning? If you’re like most Americans, that’s a quick “yes!” And at Calloway, that’s one of our specialties. Keep reading to learn all about furniture and upholstery cleaning: the benefits, the process and how we can help.

What is furniture and upholstery cleaning?

Furniture and upholstery cleaning is simply the process of getting your furniture—as well as whatever materials cover it—cleaned. This should be done at least once a year—unless there’s a musty smell sooner than that.

What are the benefits?

The benefits of getting your furniture and upholstery cleaned include:

  • Your furniture looks fresher and newer, as the cleaning takes care of stains and the look of wear-and-tear.
  • Your furniture smells better.
  • You don’t have to buy new furniture or upholstery, but you can get the look of it being new without spending the money.

What’s our process?

At Calloway, we have a team of detail-oriented, quality-driven professional IICRC-certified furniture and upholstery cleaners. By using our high-tech equipment, we’ll restore your furniture to like-new condition in no time.

Our steam-cleaning process is simple but efficient. First, the upholstery is pre-treated to loosen up the soil. Next, a spot treatment is added. Finally, it’s steam cleaned using vacuum extraction. This cleaning method uses a low-moisture application for delicate fabrics to prevent dye transfer, bleeding of colors and shrinkage. Overall drying time is between two and six hours.

We can handle all types of furniture and upholstery material, including microfiber, cotton, synthetic fiber, Haitian cotton, nylon fabrics, leather and more.

When we’re done, our team will examine each piece of furniture with you to ensure that it’s cleaned and cared for to your satisfaction.

Ready to have like-new furniture?

At Calloway Cleaning and Restoration, we specialize in furniture and upholstery cleaning, and we’d love to work with you! Whether it’s a sofa, loveseat, sectional, chair or something else, we’re up for it. And we’re always just a call-o-way.

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  • Indiana office: 812-777-4587

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